our food is big on flavour, spice and all things nice. every box we make is tasty, fresh and full of love.

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family deals

  • slow and low


    2 x Slow-roasted buttermilk chicken
    2 x Kid's Buttermilk

    Feeds 4.

  • feelin' spicy


    2 x Stockwell jerk
    2 x Kid's jerk

    Feeds 4. (HOT)

main menu

  • stockwell jerk

    BOX: £6.95

    Our famous jerk chicken, garlic and herb rice, house-pickled chilli and Box Chicken Jerk BBQ sauce. (HOT)

  • proper peri peri

    BOX: £6.95

    Fiery Peri Peri Chicken, garlic and herb rice, house-pickled red onion, proper garlic mayo.

  • tender buttermilk

    BOX: £6.95

    Slow-cooked Buttermilk chicken, tomato rice, house-pickled red onion and Box Chicken BBQ sauce.

  • yogurt tandoori

    BOX: £6.95

    Smooth but with flavour. Yogurt tandoori chicken comes with coriander rice, house-pickled cucumber and coriander chutney.

  • smokey jerk jackfruit

    BOX: £6.95

    Slow-cooked pulled jackfruit is like pulled pork but it’s vegan! Comes with our garlic herb rice, house-pickled carrot and Smokey Jerk BBQ sauce.

  • intro taster box

    BOX: £3.25

    Get a combi-box of one of our 4 flavours (Jerk, Buttermilk, Peri peri, Tandoori). 



  • baby buttermilk


    Tasty buttermilk chicken, tomato rice, garlic mayo.

  • kids' jerk


    Our best-seller jerk chicken, but less spicy! Perfect for kids. Comes with plain rice and garlic mayo.



  • homemade pickles


    A few more pickles? Our pickled red onions, cucumber, carrot and chilli.

  • veg sticks


    All the goodness with veg sticks.

  • extra slaw


    Extra homemade slaw.

  • frijoles (black beans)

    BOX: £3.50

    Homemade frijoles (a secret recipe!)

  • plain rice


    Simply rice.

  • salt and honey popcorn


    Popcorn in salt and honey.



  • garlic mayo


  • coriander chutney


  • bbq sauce


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