Community & Culture

We’re proud of where we work and the culinary diversity in the area. Our food puts together the ever-evolving flavours of South London, developed by our local chefs.

Local, Fresh & Tasty

We cook everything from scratch, from marinades to sauces to ensure maximum freshness, taste and nutrition.

Social enterprise

We believe fresh, tasty, affordable food should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live. To find out more about our community work. We're a part of a wider network of food do-gooders. Check out our other venture, Mama Leys.

Box Chicken takeaway & delivery was born out of a love of chicken and an even bigger love of big, bold flavours. Our chefs in our South London Kitchen are all about cooking food that pack a punch. Our food is fresh and tasty with no nasty additives, just a whole lot of love; everything from our sauces to our pickles and marinades are made in-house. ​ We know how important your little ones are so we've made mini options just for them. All the flavour, lots of colour and the perfect size for mini munchers.

Our story